Competent Person Schemes and the benefits they bring to the public.

Competent Person Self-Certification Schemes, which are often referred to as just Competent Person Schemes, have been present in the market for 13 years now. They were introduced by the UK Government with a view to simplify the existing certification processes and help individuals and enterprises save on time and local authority fees incurred during the … Continue reading

Building Regulations Part P

Guide to Approved Document P of the Building Regulations 1

Approved document P of the UK Government’s Building Regulations covers electrical safety of all dwellings. The document applies to electrical installations attached to the following types of building ( or parts of buildings): Houses Flats Shops and public houses with a residential dwelling above Common/communal areas in a block of flats (staircases and hallways) Shared … Continue reading

Electrical Safety with the NICEIC

Electrical safety is of the utmost importance in your home and it is advisable to use a NICEIC registered contractor to carry out any electrical work in your property. Just some benefits of using a NICEIC registered contractor are as follows; Once a contractor is registered with NICEIC they are regulated and assessed regularly to … Continue reading

Protecting & Repairing your Home from Storm Damage

Recent weather here in the UK has been extreme, the winter of 2013/2014 was the wettest on record for the United Kingdom since records began in 1910 and this is thought to be in part caused by the Jet Stream being 30% stronger than usual. This has caused storms and then directed them towards us! The South of … Continue reading

Getting Planning Permission in Bath

The whole City of Bath is designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO.  Since the late 1980’s, Bath has been listed as a cultural site, with outstanding universal value and cultural significance. In the 18th Century a handful of local entrepreneurs took on large and impressive building projects in Bath, their influence makes Bath … Continue reading

2013 Fan Sourcing Legislation

The Government began the first phase of their Energy Related Products Directive on the 1st of January 2013. Entailed within this directive is an array of changes that affect companies that offer heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) services. The overall goal will be to increase energy efficiency of all electrical products by 20% by … Continue reading

Ventilation Definitions Guide

Air permeability is a measure of how much air leaks out of your building. It is measured in cubic metres per hour per square metre (m3/hr.m-2). What this means is that it measures the volume of air that is leaking per square metre of your buildings outer walls & roof each hour. When designing a … Continue reading

How Small Businesses lose nearly £800 million a year to Cyber Crime according to FSB

The Federation of Small Businesses recently polled its members on if they have been hit by cybercrime. The results show that some 41% of FSB members have been a victim of online crime, most of which have been virus infections.  The results also show that 8% of members have been a victim of hacking and … Continue reading

Sound Insulation Testing

UK legislation states that all walls and floors built must have minimum values of sound insulation. These values are actual numbers, not rough estimates or subjective adjectives. Building Regulations require that both airborne sound and impact sound insulation tests be carried out on all walls, floors and stairs. The test requirements differ depending on if … Continue reading

Ionization vs Optical Smoke Alarm: How to Choose

This article could be useful to you if: You have just moved into a new home with no fire alarm system installed. Your existing fire alarm system no longer works. You previously neglected to install a fire alarm system to your home. You wish to extend your fire alarm system to cover more of your … Continue reading