Electrical Safety with the NICEIC

Electrical safety is of the utmost importance in your home and it is advisable to use a NICEIC registered contractor to carry out any electrical work in your property.

Just some benefits of using a NICEIC registered contractor are as follows;

  • Once a contractor is registered with NICEIC they are regulated and assessed regularly to ensure their operatives are qualified, and that the work they carry out is up to a high standard.

  • All companies registered with NICEIC are required to comply with current building regulations, this means that they will notify the local authority where necessary.

  • NICEIC will deal with complaints concerning work standards, if the problem cannot be resolved with the contractor directly.

  • NICEIC have a user friendly website and it’s very easy to find contractor in your area that are qualified to carry out all aspects of electrical work.https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSdxUSB_V6aOFsSWXqDdMX56bdpqbkBiGDksTaOvQFo2TdYaVvU

It is recommended that an owner occupied home has a Periodic Inspection report (PIR) every 10 years , a rented property every 5 years, a caravan every 3 years and every year for a swimming pool. A periodical inspection report is drawn up after a thorough electrical survey, which involves a full check of all the electrical installations within your property. The electrical engineer will then issue a report detailing whether the installation is satisfactory and will list any necessary works and recommendations.

The certificate is a detailed document and your electrical contractor will list all of your electrical installations and confirm if further investigation or rectification works are required. The main purposes of a PIR is to;

  • Find any part of the installation that doesn’t meet IET wiring regulations

  • Discover anything that might cause electric shocks, fires or any injuries

  • Locate any wear and tear or damage and report it.

  • Provide a document detailing the condition of the installation at the time of inspection.

It is recommended that all portable appliances are tested every12 months, portable appliances include; kettles, hairdryers, extension leads and household lamps.


The dangers of unsafe electrics are significant; dangers include thermal burns, electrical burns, electric shock and loss of muscle control.  Loss of muscle control is where an electrical shock induces a painful and often powerful muscle spasm that can throw the person and can even be strong enough to break bones or dislocate joints. Electrical shocks are of course capable of killing a person.

Statistics for the United Kingdom show that approximately 70 people die and 350,000 are seriously injured by electrical injuries every year. Using too many electrical items per socket can potentially cause these problems & the Electrical Safety Council has leaflets, a smartphone app and a calculator to check if you are overloading sockets. Check the below link for more information:


When choosing an electrician it is highly recommended that a qualified person/company is used and they should work to the UK national safety standard (BS 7671). Schemes for electricians in the UK are as follows;

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