26 Killed in Mexican Gas Blaze

Serving as a reminder of one of the dangers of gas, on the 19th of September a major accident occurred along a Mexican gas line near the city of Reynosa, not far from the US border. To ensure no similar disasters occur on a domestic scale, landlords must obtain a gas safety certificate annually. 26 were killed … Continue reading

10 Benefits of Living Roofing

Although still part of a niche market, the desire for living roofs is growing. They have gained quite a foothold in continental Europe, especially Germany, which has seen consistent increased sales of turf roofing. Here are some of the reasons that this new eco-trend may be coming to a city near you soon. Appearance – Creating … Continue reading

The Much Derided New UK Planning Rules

There has been much media attention on the upcoming planning rules recently decided in parliament to try and boost the struggling construction market. In case you missed it or need a reminder, here is the new legislation; planning rules will be relaxed by allowing single-story extensions of up to 8 metres to be built without … Continue reading