Competent Person Schemes and the benefits they bring to the public.

Competent Person Self-Certification Schemes, which are often referred to as just Competent Person Schemes, have been present in the market for 13 years now. They were introduced by the UK Government with a view to simplify the existing certification processes and help individuals and enterprises save on time and local authority fees incurred during the … Continue reading

Ionization vs Optical Smoke Alarm: How to Choose

This article could be useful to you if: You have just moved into a new home with no fire alarm system installed. Your existing fire alarm system no longer works. You previously neglected to install a fire alarm system to your home. You wish to extend your fire alarm system to cover more of your … Continue reading

Protect Your House with Garden Gnomes

As well as beautifying your lacking garden with their jolly presence, garden gnomes created by the price comparison website (of all things) now double as a home CCTV system. Akin to the roving perforated eye of a suspicious painting, the equally suspicious garden gnomes are equipped with a glowing red bionic eye. ‘Handily’, only one of the eyes … Continue reading