2013 Fan Sourcing Legislation

The Government began the first phase of their Energy Related Products Directive on the 1st of January 2013. Entailed within this directive is an array of changes that affect companies that offer heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) services. The overall goal will be to increase energy efficiency of all electrical products by 20% by 2020.

Fan Ban

Some types of fans are no longer permitted to be used under the new legislation. This is based on the energy efficiency of the units as part of the Government’s carbon reduction plans. The aim of the directive is to ensure all European HVAC manufacturers have been designed using Eco-design principles.

Identifying legally compliant fans

All fans that meet the new legislation will have a CE symbol placed on the product. This mark may be in the documentation of the fan rather than on the device itself. Fans may also often be advertised as ErP ready; indicating that they are ready for compliance with the energy-related products directive.

What about my existing fan installations?

Any existing fan installations are unaffected by the regulations.

Stage 2

There is currently a transitional period until the legislation comes into full force. Stage 2 arrives on the first of January 2015 and at this point increased minimum efficiency limits will be put in place.

What if I want to resell my fan?

The directive states that all fans must be compliant when placed on the market. The legislation defines ‘placed on the market’ as when the item is available on the market for the first time and is intended for use or resale. This means that used fans sold on eBay will not be controlled by the legislation; only products that are being marketed to consumers for the first time. The market includes selling to countries

Does this apply to all fans?

No, if your fan is one of the following, then the regulations will not apply:

  • Fans with a supply voltage of over 1000 V AC or over 1500 DC.
  • Fans that operate at an optimum energy efficiency of 8000 rotations per minute or more
  • Small fans that are indirectly driven by an electrical motor between 125 W and 3 kW.
  • A fan designed to work in explosive atmospheres
  • An emergency use fan active only for short time periods
  • Fans in toxic, high corrosive or flammable environments
  • Fans use to transport substances in industrial process applications

BPM Maintenance closely follows all building regulations and the latest construction legislation. Any product we use or supply will always be compliant with all current laws.


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