How Small Businesses lose nearly £800 million a year to Cyber Crime according to FSB

The Federation of Small Businesses recently polled its members on if they have been hit by cybercrime. The results show that some 41% of FSB members have been a victim of online crime, most of which have been virus infections.  The results also show that 8% of members have been a victim of hacking and … Continue reading

Ventilation of Roofs to Prevent Condensation

roofing ventilation

Pitched Roofs A pitched roof is defined as a roof with a slope of 15 degrees or more. To ensure adequate ventilation of the roof space, every pitched roof should have openings at the eaves, between the ceiling and the roof itself. The total area of roof strips required under the eaves is equal to 10 mm … Continue reading

Jail for Asbestos Firm Director

Serving as another warning to householders over the threat of rogue contractors and tradesmen, a seemingly reputable asbestos firm was uncovered to be an unlicensed, illegal business engaged in dangerous practices. The director was hauled before Southwark Crown Court, where on the 13th of September this year he was found to be guilty of three breaches … Continue reading

New employment contract announced by George Osborne

On the 8th of October this year, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne announced a new type of employment contract, called the employee-owner contract. The purpose of the new contract is to enable a more flexible workforce, by removing a significant amount of an employee’s working rights in exchange for shares in the company. … Continue reading

Building Companies Have a Responsibility to Ensuring Their Workers Safety

More than five years after his death on the 29th of May 2007, the building company that the young Thomas Whitmarsh, 21, was employed by has been brought to justice. Thomas was working on installing the roof of the Menai Centre in Bangor, Wales when he fell six metres through an opening to the floor … Continue reading

Roofing Racers

  The Roofing Racers are a triathlon team wholly composed of roofing contractors, experts, trade press, manufacturers and distributors; running together to support the Macmillan Cancer Support and Great Ormond Street Hospital charities. Their ‘Raising the Roof’ scheme has already raised enough money to help build a new Neurosciences Centre in the Ormond Hospital. Their … Continue reading

10 Benefits of Living Roofing

Although still part of a niche market, the desire for living roofs is growing. They have gained quite a foothold in continental Europe, especially Germany, which has seen consistent increased sales of turf roofing. Here are some of the reasons that this new eco-trend may be coming to a city near you soon. Appearance – Creating … Continue reading

The Much Derided New UK Planning Rules

There has been much media attention on the upcoming planning rules recently decided in parliament to try and boost the struggling construction market. In case you missed it or need a reminder, here is the new legislation; planning rules will be relaxed by allowing single-story extensions of up to 8 metres to be built without … Continue reading

Last Months Indian Electrical Crisis

You may have seen in the news (nearly a month ago now) the reports of a widespread electricity outage that stretched over north and eastern India leaving hundreds of millions without electrical power. Three of the national electrical power grids collapsed, one of them for two days, leaving trains, countless homes and many utility services at a … Continue reading

New Chairman of BWF forum Appointed

The British Woodworking Federation has appointed Sharon Gorf to lead their forum dedicated to the training of new woodworkers, carpenters and joiners. The goals behind the forum are to attract new tradesmen, especially young people that are among those hardest hit by the ongoing recession, and provide them and others with the training and qualifications … Continue reading