Competent Person Schemes and the benefits they bring to the public.

Competent Person Self-Certification Schemes, which are often referred to as just Competent Person Schemes, have been present in the market for 13 years now. They were introduced by the UK Government with a view to simplify the existing certification processes and help individuals and enterprises save on time and local authority fees incurred during the authorisation procedure. The key idea of the programme was to allow competent bodies to self-certify that the services they provide comply with the Building Regulation, thus freeing them from the obligation to submit a building notice or seeking approval from an inspector which can be time-consuming.

Today, there exist 23 Competent Person Schemes accredited by the Government. In the building industry, membership in a scheme is voluntary for the companies, and it is fine to use the local council or an approved inspector for certification. It is also not necessary for the public to use the services of a firm-participant of the scheme to carry out building or property maintenance related works in a certain field, but the customers of such firms are rewarded with saved time, money, and confidence that every move made by the company is complied with the current Building Regulation.

The operators of the scheme have created a website to help the consumers with searching for a Competent Person registered with one of the schemes: Competent Persons Register. All firms listed as members of the Competent Persons Schemes meet the rigorous standards set by the Building Regulation and the Government.

For more information, visit the Government’s guide on different schemes.


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