Protect Your House with Garden Gnomes

As well as beautifying your lacking garden with their jolly presence, garden gnomes created by the price comparison website (of all things) now double as a home CCTV system.

Akin to the roving perforated eye of a suspicious painting, the equally suspicious garden gnomes are equipped with a glowing red bionic eye. ‘Handily’, only one of the eyes is red so as not to cause any doubt that this particular gnome isn’t quite what it seems.

Anyone who does decide to adorn their patio with malevolent, filming dwarves will have to remember that without signs informing anyone within the gnomes’ sight that they are under film, the video capture wont be allowed in court. After all, the only ones we want in court are those who commit crimes even though they are being warned they are filmed. Thus failing the policeman’s hand-on-the-shoulder sanity test.

The gnomes are able to wirelessly connect to your router and have a motion sensor to save power and only record when something is actually going on.

One advantage of their ‘stealth’ is that any would be thieves are unable to judge where they can avoid being seen. The disadvantage is that the cameras are particularly vulnerable to sabotage; being on the ground rather than stuck on a roof or ceiling.

If you happen to live near Bath & Bristol and would be more interested in a CCTV system with better quality images, is positioned out of reach and with a larger viewpoint, why not visit us at Bath CCTV installers.

One Response to “Protect Your House with Garden Gnomes”
  1. Cool, I like the idea of a garden gnome wit camera, not many people will actually think that the gnome is actually keeping an eye on them.

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