Jail for Asbestos Firm Director

Serving as another warning to householders over the threat of rogue contractors and tradesmen, a seemingly reputable asbestos firm was uncovered to be an unlicensed, illegal business engaged in dangerous practices.

The director was hauled before Southwark Crown Court, where on the 13th of September this year he was found to be guilty of three breaches of asbestos regulations.

He was given six months prison sentence for each charge, running concurrently. The prison sentence was also suspended for two years and until then he has been ordered to undergo three hundred hours of unpaid community service and an electronic curfew between 9pm and 6am for three months. He was also forced to pay £11,340 to the victim and £10,160 in other costs.

The most staggering thing about this case is the display of immorality on the part of the tradesman. All illegal workers who operate without the necessary registrations, accreditations and qualifications show a certain level of low morals to undergo criminal behaviour. But when a contractor takes jobs to correct problems that can cause great danger and significant harm to the victims of his peddling, then that is certainly a step further than mere selfish greed.

The director had received an air test certificate carried out by an analyst after he finished the job. The certificate clearly showed that the site failed the tests and posed a severe health risk. The criminal then doctored the report, deceiving the owners into thinking that the air test had been passed.

As an asbestos worker, although unqualified and not licensed to carry out the work, he would still surely be aware of the dangers of the airborne mineral. Thus to doctor the report and claim the building was safe, knowing what the result would entail, only worsens his crime.

Asbestos fibres are often thought of as a danger of the past, but breathing in the mineral is still a prevalent problem. Every year, 4000 people die due to breathing in the fibres and it is the single largest cause of work-related deaths in the UK.

Asbestos was a popular building material due to its resistance to fire, heat, electrical and chemical damage, low cost, high sound absorption and tensile strength. Asbestos mining has been recorded to have existed as far back as 2000 BC and during the industrial revolution it was particularly popular.

The mineral was only discovered to be the cause of an array of health problems including cancer in the 1900s. It was finally banned outright in the UK in 1985.

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