26 Killed in Mexican Gas Blaze

Serving as a reminder of one of the dangers of gas, on the 19th of September a major accident occurred along a Mexican gas line near the city of Reynosa, not far from the US border.

To ensure no similar disasters occur on a domestic scale, landlords must obtain a gas safety certificate annually.

26 were killed and a further 40 are in hospital, with half suffering from first or second degree burns, according to the Red Cross.

The gas company involved in the disaster is Pemex, once the fourth largest oil company in the world, but now only the eleventh in terms of production. The company does still account for 40% of the Mexican government revenue however – the company is state run.

One contractor who has worked in the maintenance areas and with some of the teams involved says the cause may have been a fire started when a tanker truck was filling a storage tank.

The contractor, Guillermo Lopez said “One of the safety valves attached to the supply hose may have failed, creating a spark that turned into two explosions”.

It is the third incident in a month for Pemex; the others involved an oil refinery explosion and a fire started by thieves. However both of these earlier events fortunately involved no casualties.

Many experts believe that Pemex is at Hubbert’s Peak; that peak oil for the region has been reached and exceeded and oil production will only fall further as time progresses.

It is to be hoped that management takes a hard look at the safety of the oil and gas facilities after the recent run of disasters, and does not let the decreasing profits cause shortcuts to be taken when lives are at risk.

BPM Maintenance is a company specializing in gas safety certificates with fully qualified and highly experienced gas engineers that offer a reliable, professional and time & cost efficient service.


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