10 Benefits of Living Roofing

Although still part of a niche market, the desire for living roofs is growing. They have gained quite a foothold in continental Europe, especially Germany, which has seen consistent increased sales of turf roofing. Here are some of the reasons that this new eco-trend may be coming to a city near you soon.

  1. Appearance – Creating a garden or at least a grass roof can be an easy way to beautify ugly buildings that may have been built with a more monochromatic, grey colour scheme. Flowers and vegetation can offer a splash of colour and help regenerate a decaying urban area.
  2. Air Quality – As cities get busier with increasing numbers of cars on the roads with the growing world population, air quality and smog is becoming a significant hazard. Plants are capable of capturing airborne pollutants and noxious gases, improving air quality and the health of city residents.
  3. Noise Reduction – Studies have shown that green roofs can reduce sound by 40-50 decibels.
  4. Cooling Effect – Lack of evapotranspiration leads to the Urban Heat Island effect causing cities to be hotter than surrounding rural areas. Increasing vegetation within the city can reduce this effect.
  5. Waste Consumption – The green roofs can reduce landfill by using recycled materials in the growing medium.
  6. New Allotments – City allotments allowing those without a garden to grow their own plants are nearly always oversubscribed. A green roof provides an opportunity to create more and make better use of available space.
  7. Local Employment – New jobs created in the local area associated with maintenance, plant growth and installation of the feature.
  8. Electromagnetic Radiation Proofing – Studies have shown that a green roof reduces radiation penetration by as much as 99.4%.
  9. Fire Proofing – It may seem counter-intuitive, but studies have shown that a green roof actually has a much lower burning heat load than an average roof, so that they actually provide fire protection to the building.
  10. Boost Marketing Potential – A green roof creates an attractive and distinctive appearance to a building helping it stand out from the competition and allowing it to command a higher price in the market.

BPM Maintenance does not offer green roofing as one of our services, but we are always available to solve any roofing installation, maintenance or repair work.  There are already some buildings with green roofs here in Bath that help to limit eyesores and retain the green and vibrant feel to the city.


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