New Chairman of BWF forum Appointed

The British Woodworking Federation has appointed Sharon Gorf to lead their forum dedicated to the training of new woodworkers, carpenters and joiners. The goals behind the forum are to attract new tradesmen, especially young people that are among those hardest hit by the ongoing recession, and provide them and others with the training and qualifications required to further develop the industry.

Whilst some may consider the training and creation of new carpenters, woodworkers and joiners a method that results only in the bloating of an already struggling industry, the new chairman is more optimistic. Sharon says “When things get tough in the economy, you can either choose to focus on the problems, or to seek out the solutions. I believe training can provide that solution and ensure that our industry’s workforce is as knowledgeable and competitive as it can possibly be. The WITForum will help us fulfil that goal.”

Carpenters that focus on producing new products that perhaps can be exported may have an edge and may fulfil Sharon’s words. Carpenters that focus on areas such as property, retail, commercial and domestic repairs and maintenance; tasks such as door, window, stair fitting, kitchens, skirting boards etc will be in a cut-throat market. There is only so much maintenance work to go around, which is declining as the recession deepens and more people turn to DIY. Exporting could break the cycle and introduce new money into the economy, but it must be unique, artistic or innovative work to compete with developing nations.

The forum not only provides for humble apprentices however and claims to offer services that any carpenter can benefit from, right up the managing director of a company. The manager of the forum Dave Campbell is hoping that his service will lead to a ‘more competitive UK joinery sector’, via learning through their company. Perhaps they have a vision of a successful carpenter or joiner requiring to collaborate with their organisation in order to keep afloat; with the competition mentioned won by those who partake in the BWF’s further training.

We at BPM Maintenance look forward to seeing how the new chairman will change and develop the forum and what effects that may have on the industry.


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